It's Bathing Suit Season During The Fall

Yes, once again I have fallen way behind my own blog. TOO much has been going on.

Updates in a few words:
Graduated from college.
Got an internship/job.
Fashion blogger for AshleyOutrageous.com

Exciting stuff but I barely have time for anything. But I'm going to try to post more often.

ANYWAYS, I live in Miami. I see tacky tourists and sun year-round. So as any Miami girl would do, I go to the beach during the Fall/Winter days. My apologies to those that will be suffering from potential frostbite in the near future with Fall creeping up already. I have been swooning over a bathing suit brand named Animale Minimale. Their bathing suits are like magic chocolate that doesn't make you gain weight. Just amazing. Take a look. Now all I need to figure out is how to fit all my voluptuousness in these bathing suits. Duct tape?



Makeup Review and Giveaway: Iman Cosmetics BB Creme

I wear makeup regularly but I am nowhere near the makeup guru level. I'm a "primer, foundation, blush, and eyeliner" girl. But you will find me watching hours of Youtube tutorials on the simplest things, such as adding false eyelashes...which I still haven't mastered. Another disclaimer I have to put out is that I don't have perfect skin. My teenage years didn't treat my skin well, so I'm always looking for something that would give me good enough coverage but not have a cakey look.

So when I received the Iman BB Creme, I started reading the info on the box. I'm a big reader that reads everything on products, even the ingredients. Orgo chemistry worked for something at least. I found out that it has SPF 15, evens skin tone, and it is paraben free. I was sold on just that. So I tried it out with my stippling brush and applied some on my hand. I was impressed by the consistency, not too thick but not too watery. I applied it to my face in a circular motion and I noticed that it gave really good coverage. The box says you can use it under makeup but I didn't need to. For the purpose of this post, I only added concealer under my eyes and dabs of foundation on my dark spots. But I loved it overall. I would recommend for you ladies to try it.

I also want to disclose that the BB Creme was donated to me by the good people of Iman Cosmetics. This review is not influenced by the fact that it was. I didn't get compensated for this post, so yes, I'm still broke.







So with that said, Iman has given me the chance of doing a giveaway. Yes, my first giveaway on EMHF! I will be giving away three sample size packages. They include BB Creme samples in shades Clay Med and Earth Med, Iman Cosmetics Luxury Lip Shimmer in Crystal, and Luxury Lip Pencil in Tan. Each package has a value of $20.00. To win, you must follow at daniela_candela on Twitter, Like EMHF Facebook page, and in the comment section, answer what are your thoughts on the new trend of BB Cremes and what you look for in one. Make sure to include somewhere I can reach you at, whether it be your Twitter handle, an email, or Facebook page. So make sure to enter to win one of these packages!

There are also in-store events that will be held by Iman Cosmetics showing their new products, BB Creme included. They will be in New York, Florida, New Jersey, Georgia, Texas, and California. Visit their Facebook page for more info!


Narco-Beauty in Fashion

Being from Colombia, a country very rich in resources, culture, history and known for it's warm climates, I may be biased when I say that it is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. But a lot of the times those characteristics are obscured by Colombia being synonymous with drugs and drug cartels. Every new person I meet always makes a face or a mention of Pablo Escobar when I tell them I am from Colombia. Of course, it is said in a joking manner but at times it can get awkward. Why would I want to be remembered as the girl who comes from a country laden with drug wars that have killed thousands upon thousands of innocent people and caused corruption and tension in the Colombian government? But I digress.

An "epidemic" that has been in Colombia for a while is the "narco-beauty".

Unfortunately, mafias and drug cartels in Colombia "fund" plastic surgery for Colombian "models", or most of the cases, just girls who aspire to be a model and will do anything it takes to get there instead of finishing school or getting a career. With the Colombian government being sometimes, for lack of a better term, wusses against the drug cartels, they hold almost no power against these cartels. So they can do whatever they want, whether it be buying hundreds of acres of land and put a lavish house and cars, having beautiful women around, throwing big parties, or even giving loans to the poor.

One of the ways they also spend their money is to "sponsor" women in beauty pageants. Although you won't find this information in a history book, ask anybody that lives in Colombia and knows about the beauty pageant business in Colombia. They will tell you how it is. But of course, not every woman is affiliated with a drug dealer or mafioso. There are women that genuinely go through the process on their own, without the need of drug money.

But sadly, this trend will never stop in Colombia. Although the women are beautiful with their breast and butt implants, it puts a downer on the women that don't resort to those measures. Oh hey, that happens to be me. So while browsing through the Internet, I came across a video by Vice magazine that highlighted this trend in Colombia. While it is a few years old, I am sure a lot of people do not know the story behind this epidemic of narco-beauty.